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Carpet Cleaning Services in Sahuarita & Green Valley, AZ

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We are IICRC Certified in Carpet Cleaning.  

We come in and pre-spray all the carpets, work in the live active enzymes and degreaser, we extract it from the carpet.  We then run a rinse through the machine that takes out any excess soap left behind, and it also adds something similar to a fabric softener.

We are a family & pet friendly cleaner, so if you are chemically sensitive we use the best soap I have found that doesn’t cause a chemical reaction like other soaps do.

Also, when it dries it’s softer, it repels dirt & dust, unlike soap which attracts. It also helps the carpet maintain a longer life.

We like to groom the carpets in a way that is very presentable and shows that it has been cleaned by someone who cares, just like a design on top of a designer cup of cappuccino.

We determine the best cleaner for the carpet and the condition, in order to give you the best possible clean. There are different Enzymes and Degreasers that work better for some carpets than other carpets.

For new generation carpets, we are not supposed to use anything higher than 9.4%, otherwise the warranty will void, and the warranty must be kept

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