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frequently Asked Questions

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

At least once per year at a minimum.  Every 6 months if you want them maintained freshly.

What does LCC use to clean carpets?

The best chemicals; I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and tried everything and after much research I use the best I’ve found, it’s a delicate balance that takes years of experience

Many places don’t even pre-spray or use a rinse, which makes a huge difference, because the rinse is adding something similar to fabric softener to your carpet.

Can I rent one of those “cleaning machines” from the grocery store and do it myself?

You could, however those machines don’t have the same cleaning power.  You run the chemical, and it doesn’t get rid of all the grime and all the dirt and residue.  The soap and residue left in the carpet attracts dust and dirt.  So you end up paying more in the long run.

Just like different scenarios require different soaps, laundry soap for doing laundry, dish soap for dishes.  So using the right soap the right way will clean better than the wrong soap or the wrong process.

I’ve heard that after a carpet is cleaned, it becomes dirty too quickly. Why?

That’s due to using the wrong carpet cleaner.  Whatever is cleaning those carpets leaves too much soap behind, therefore the soap attracts dirt quicker than a carpet without any soap.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Anywhere between 10 and 16 hours, it is a deep clean, so it all depends on the movement of air, time of year, along with other variables.

My upholstery hasn’t been cleaned in years (or ever). Do you clean upholstery?

Yes.  However, while I like to make the dirty upholstery clean, I can not make old upholstery new again.

How much soil and debris are really in my carpet?

It all depends on how much use it gets.  There is a lot more dirt than you would like to think is in there.  A lot of people don’t like to even think about what’s in their carpets.  Think of when you go a week without dusting, and about how dusty it gets.  In your carpets you can’t see the dust as easily.  If you don’t vacuum weekly at least, can you imagine how much dirt and dust is in there?

Carpets are filters for your house.  They’re meant to attract dirt, pollen, and dust.  That’s why it’s best to have carpet if you have allergies. 

What makes the soil and debris bad is not maintaining them.  It’s like that dirty rug that you have in the front door, the more you use it, the more dirt from your shoes is on the rug, and not many people clean those.  But once the carpet is dirtier than your shoes, now when you use it you begin dragging even more things into the house and onto the carpet.

Not only do carpets catch dirt and dust, they also catch gas.  To keep your carpet working properly you need to maintain it, ideally every 6 months, just like other filters in the house which reccomend being replaced every 1-3 months.  Gasses from cooking, oil lamp can get stuck in carpeting and rugs.

You charge lower than people like Stanley Steamer, do you do less work than they do?

No, I do not have the overhead and extra expenses they do.  Therefore it is easier for me to have more reasonable prices.